GONRA hasn't found  ".25 ACP"  searching this site.   Poor computer skills, so may have screwedup...

(GONRA forgot to take GONRA's meds today, like that nice Stewardess a few days ago,

so GONRA is having more than usual troubles with US&A American Language.)

Know in advance XR25-S is NOT the thing for all you

Two Fisted Red Blooded American Blasters out there.


Idea would be to have the World's Shortest  / Smallest .25 ACP auto pistol

thus gain Big Tyme Marketing Braggin' Rights.  

                      >>>  HUGE CUTENESS FACTOR!  /p>

                      >>>      Locked Breech!  WOW!       /p>

Think what a tiny pistol that would be in yer pocket!

Probably 85mm long instead of present 100 mm long tiny .25 ACP Vest Pockets -

Browning Baby, Walther Model 9, Lilliputs, Bernadelli Babys ...

XR25-S project would be a "piece of cake" (SEMIRIMMED cartridge to pull out of the mag!)

with Boberg Arms'  now proven Rapid Design / Prototyping / Precision Manufacture capabilities.

Sales would be mostly limited to Rabid Gun Collector Crazies

due to small production / market and high cost.

Best to hava hefty non refundable $$$ depoist IN ADVANCE on this project.

(Methinks this would be a good idea for the .45 (ACP?  GAP?) project too??)


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Real Americans do not need two fists to operate their blasters! Their prehensile thumbs enable them to grasp and operate well designed pistols with one hand. Better designed pistols can even be easily operated with either hand.

f you are really determined to carry a .25 ACP when a 9mm Parabellum pistol of a comparable size and weight are available, aside from the ones mentioned previously, you may want to locate one of these:


or one of these:


Or a 32 smaller than any 25.

Arne won't do the deposit method, especially non-refundable.  It ain't his style. 

Personally, I do think (now that he is up and producing pistols) a 25 or 50% REFUNDABLE deposit for new designs wouldn't hurt.  He has proven that the gun is not vaporware, and is well worth the asking price.  It would probably reduce the length of the order queue, but perhaps not.  What could the early capital be used for?

I'd rather have a slingshot - much better price/energy ratio. ;)

how about one in 25NAA?

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