Ok, I know, on the one hand this sounds kind of dumb. Why would anyone get one if he/she could soon buy, say, a  Boberg Micro?  Still, given the huge popularity of .380s today, a more powerful one might sell.  How cool would it be to advertise "The Most Powerful .380 on the Planet? I wonder if there might be a market for one?  Ladies, maybe.  They still carry a lot of .38 special revolvers, and an 8-shot .380 would be preferable to that, I'd say.   Many .380s don't even shoot +P loads, so there's that.  Also, many .380s  are a bit lacking in reliability for a primary SD gun...bet Arne could change that perception. 

Would the initial setup/tooling costs just be too prohibitive, or could there be a demand for this gun that might justify it?  So many  calibers, so little time...      8-)

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As the owner of XDS 45s in 3.3 and 4.0, I have to ask if there is really an XDS Mod 2 or if that was a typo.

mur.cap said:

Funny you mention that.  I was taking a close look at the XDs45 Mod.2  For a little more width we get 4 more rounds.  Problem is I replaced a Smith CS45 which broke on me (bottom of slide sheared-off)  last August with a M&P Shield 9 which I'm just getting used to carrying, so I may purchase the XDsMod.2 later-on, if I hang-around a bit.

I know two people who have the old Seecamp .32 which is a very nice "gentleman's gun" as I refer to it  and carefully made, but  a bit small for me in caliber and size.  One is a doctor and the other is a jeweler.

Very pretty pistol.  You have an entire stable of collector's guns.  Nice grips.  I bought a Meco holster for my doctor over ten years ago.  Nice holsters to go with the pistols and they also make a magazine pocket sleeve as well.

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