Are there any plans to produce and long version XR45?

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Make an extended 10 round magazine for the the XR45-L that can also be used in the XR45-S and a lot of people will be happier.

In the meantime, put a longer barrel on the XR45-S.

I agree that extended grip/magazine would be great for XR9L that own now and for the XR45 Long that I hope will be available at some point. I think I would be happy with a grip/magazine that held 8 rounds. I believe that would fit most of us well with large hands and still be easy to get in and out of a pocket holster. If I read correctly, one can buy a 4.2" barrel for the XR45S now but I am looking for a long frame for my big hands. I have to say that I really like the fit of the long frame.

Ditto on the extended mags and floorplate.

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