if you are experiencing mag spring issues with your xr45, please drop me an email at...

"repair at boberg arms dot com"

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Thank you for the input and timely responses gentlemen.

I was intrigued by the unconventional nature of the Boberg platform but I must say that I never expected to experience such complications with a mundane task like loading a clip. Especially, considering the price point of this firearm.

As such, there's no way I can have the confidence to rely on this gun as a daily carry.

Extremely disappointing.


There is a known issue with some of us and the HST rounds being short enough to load in front of or even with the retaining lip. This seems to be the case in the mag on the right. Not long before the sale to Bond arms, there was a comment in the forums that Mark Dante had said a new mag design was in process with a company in Isreal. Until the transition is complete, and Bond is up and running, I think there are two solutions for your HST's. There is Artosa's spacer idea, and my approach, which seems to work well when hand cycling, but I have not tried with actual firing, is to load the mag very carefully. Load the first round, then when loading the second, notice that that as the second round depresses the first, this is when the first engages the lip and can be pushed too far forward. If you are careful to make sure it engages the extractor groove properly, it will depress without jamming, and should stay properly aligned until it comes back to the top. Continue loading the mag insuring that each round engages the lip properly as it is depressed, and you should be good to go. Artosa leaves his spacer in place, I plan to experiment with a removable spacer used as a loading alignment aid to be removed when the mag is full.

If you try this, let us know how it works when firing.

Scott, I totally feel your pain. Just picked mine up one week ago, have about 115 rds thru it with at least 20-25 of the rounds I fired (with "approved" ammo) cocking up in various ways. I'm going to keep working with it as I like the concept and it's fun to shoot in those instances where the feed mechanism has actually figured out how to put a live round in the chamber without fucking something up. In my admittedly limited experience the obvious weak link is the magazine. How anyone could have come up with a great concept, put it into action then tacked on that POS mag is beyond me. I'm venting for sure, as I just dropped a G on something I now have to cajole, stroke, cycle, lube with some exotic crap (which I already had but I'm venting here) and spend abother $600+ in ammo just to break it in so it fires like any $400 piece off the shelf.

Cartridges can move around during firing and the round that's ready to feed needs to be in the right place, that's why I leave the spacer in.

New technology = learning curve.  It is frustrating, but to me, has been worth it. I like knowing my bullet is going where I aim it, something I can't count on with a "$400 piece off the shelf."  I wish I had my younger eyes to see what it is really capable of, but I am a better pistol shooter because of this gun.

The mags are exquisitely simple, staying within the parameters needed to make it run reliably as well as the gun itself takes a little thinking outside the box.

Thank you for the responses.

I hear you Artosa, that this firearm can outperform the competition when compared to a pistol at the $400 price point but how does in compare in the $1,000+ market?

While its reported accuracy seems impeccable and as noted above, makes you a more confident shooter, that's all predicated on the firearm working properly.

What if I didn't load the mag perfectly and the bullet jams in the magazine in a life/death situation? How can one be confident that will not happen when I can't even load either mag flawlessly in my living room.

That said, I will try several of the suggested solutions mentioned herein and report back.

Does anyone know where I can pick-up a spencer for the mags?

Scott, I don't know how it compares to other $1k+ guns as this is the first time I've spent that much on a gun.  I know that it is more accurate than I am capable of (old eyes).  I felt the same as you and others about reliability, but not any more.  It's my EDC and I have confidence in it and myself with it.  Loading the XR45 becomes second nature with practice.

Is "spencer for the mags" Scott-speak for spacer for the mags?  If so, they are called craft sticks and as the name implies, they can be found where craft supplies are found.  They look like small popsicle sticks and they are the correct size for the XR45 mags if you run short-er cartridges (HST).  They also are quite useful for cleaning the Boberg.

Good Luck!

Artosa, would it be possible for you to show us a pic of your spacer, both alone and inside the mag?

Will try, but I am computer challenged.  The two rounds are HST and my practice load 200 swc that is even shorter at 1.155'.


Thanks for the pic, That is completely clear. I see you are using "mini" craft sticks. I was unaware that they came in that smaller size. Have you had any issues with them moving, jamming, or any other reliability issues when using these with HST's?

The sticks can't go anywhere while in the gun.  They haven't caused any problems.  When I load the mags I give the mag a light slap on the front end to bring the rounds against the stick..That way the stick doesn't move upside down in the mag carrier.  I haven't ran a long string of HST's in a while; maybe it's time to run some down range.  The sticks plus improved grip and strength have pretty much eliminated malfunctions.  I have a good selection of leftovers of different loads, it would be fun to mix up the loads and see how it goes. 

I just found this, interesting discussion.

I've been having lots of feed problems with my XR45 (but not my XR9-S).  Most is Winchester white box, listed on the "known ok" list.  About half and half live round ejections and failures to feed.  Once I had a round jammed between the mag and the lower rear edge of the barrel; that took prying with a screwdriver to get things unjammed.  Failure rate is about one failure in ten.

I'm careful to load the rounds with the rim engaging the clip.  So the bit about rounds too far forward in the mag doesn't seem to apply.  I'm not sure I follow the discussion about the follower: is that supposed to help?  Are they still available?

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