I received my XR45-S Platinum last week (from Bud's Gun Shop).  On Saturday, I put 150 rds of American Eagle 230gr FMJ through it, with one misfeed and one live round stovepipe.

Tonight I put another 150 rds of the same ammo through it, with one live round stovepipe and one failure to chamber on the last round in the magazine.  Or else I lost count and the chamber was empty due to a live round ejection--at the time I thought the last round simply didn't feed, but when I cleaned up my bench I found an unfired round.

So, I'm very pleased!  I know some recent posters here have had a lot of problems, so I'm thankful the gun is performing this well so far.  I don't plan to deviate from the American Eagle until I start testing self defense rounds.  Fortunately American Eagle is in good supply!

As far as recoil, it's really not much more than my XR9-S (in which I've been shooting Fiocchi 124gr FMJTC), which surprised me.  It's interesting that the XR45's recoil is so comparatively light, whereas the XR9's recoil seems the same to me as my Sig P938 (9mm) and my boyfriend's Kahr MK9 Elite.

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