Below is the unlock block for my XR9-L. The piece to the right of the block is the raised ridge of the block that somehow sheared off the block while I was shooting the L last sunday. I didn't notice any issue at all while shooting. It was only afterward at home when I opened her up for cleaning that I saw the damage as the ridge fell free of the gun as I lifted the barrel from the slide. I am honsestly bewildered about how this happened, and am more than consternated since I have no spare unlock block for the "L". Bond Arms appears to be ravaged by flu which seems to have crippled its customer service department. BUMMED OUT DUDES!

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I believe Mollie had this same problem a while back.  Seems to me Bond replaced unlock block and barrel.

Mine (a shorty) cracked similarly, but I noticed it before it split off.  Bond replaced the unlock block and barrel with the new coated parts. I’ve been impressed with the responsiveness of their customer service.

I've been in touch with them and they've provided me with an RMA to return my L to them, although on a separate issue which is fairly frequent LREs in the same pistol. Before the sale to Bond Arms, it seems I had had the prescience to order a spare Series L unlock block just in case. I remembered that the day after I posted here and went looking for it, finding it in the factory supplied carry box along with a few main springs of varying weights and some slide return springs too. Anyway, she's going back to Bond for treatment. I'll advise here on the mods/repairs they perform when I get it back in a month or so.

My XR9 is currently at Bond for their 2nd attempt to fix the LRE problem. I have been impressed with their willingness to work on it, given that it was purchased from Boberg.  When I sent it to them a few weeks ago, I included a copy of Mark Dante’s post explaining that a new insert block would fix the LRE problem.  But instead, they replaced the slide, the extractor (not the internal fixed extractor), the extractor spring, and the tongs.  Not much left of my original pistol!  They also “put mags into spec.”  However, those changes did not fix the problem.  I was able to catch the LRE on video and emailed it to them.  They sent me a call tag (this time on their dime) and so the gun went back to them last Tuesday.  With anothe copy of Mark Dante’s post....

Here are the videos of a LRE and a live round stovepipe.  Also, the takedown lever broke off while I was shooting—didn’t discover that until later.  That’s the 2nd time it has happened.

Boberg XR9-S Live Round Ejection

Boberg XR9-S Live Round Stovepipe

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