hi folks...

 i had a chance to buy out some stock from a fella in wisconsin who sadly has dropped out of the firearm scene. i have some 9mm magazines as well as a few .45 mags.

letting them go for the normal price of $40.00 a pop. four or more and i will cover shipping.

i have some various springs and a few extended barrels as well.

you can reach me at: m v dante at gmail dot com (of course typed out in the proper way!)

hope ya'all are doing good!


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Hi Mark,I would like to buy a short trigger pull, I won't to make sure you got my email

m v dante at gmail dot com!


Sent you an email on the mags and parts for the xr9 and 45.


Mark, I sent you an email regarding a short trigger pull. Give me a bump when you can. Thanks, Arthur

Payment sent on the 9mm and 45 acp extended barrels. Let me know when you ship.

got it! getting back into town tomorrow morning. will get it out sat or monday!

Sent a friend request to pm about short trigger kit, long 9 barrel, and mag. if available. ...I don't know how to contact otherwise. Please let me know asap. 

Thank you,


Mark, can you put my name on a short pull kit. I can email contact info direct once friend request is accepted.

Looking for a long 9 barrel and mag as well.

Thank you,



I would like to buy an action block for an XR9-L and five Boberg 9mm magazine followers. 


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