Boberg XR9-S "Shorty" Pocket Pistol

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Caliber: 9mm / 9mm+P (compatible ammo list)
Capacity: 7+1
Length: 5.1”
Height: 4.2”
Width: 0.96”
Weight: 17.5 oz with magazine, unloaded
Barrel Length: 3.35”; 4.2" sold separately
Action: Rotating-Barrel Locked-Breech
Sights: Low Profile, Dovetail Windage
Sight Radius: 4.4”
Trigger Pull: Choice of 5.5, 7.5 or 9 lb DAO
Safeties: 2 (DAO & Passive Firing Pin)
Frame: 7075-T6 Aircraft-Grade Aluminum
Slide: High-Strength, High-Toughness Stainless Steel
Springs: Zinc-Plated Music Wire
Grips: High-Toughness Zytel (tm) Polymer
Pins: High-Strength, High Toughness Stainless Steel
Internal Parts: High-Strength Stainless Steel
Magazine:High-Strength Stainless Steel, Laser-Welded Construction


Two-Tone Edition
The Two-Tone is the standard XR9-S edition and has a black hardcoat-anodized aircraft-grade aluminum frame, a satin-finished natural stainless steel slide, and natural stainless steel barrel and parts. Black Zytel grips perfectly match the frame's black hardcoat finish.
Onyx Edition
The Onyx features an extremely durable, self-lubricating, matte Ion Bond DiamondBLACK tactical finish on the slide, barrel, hammer and all exposed parts. The aircraft-grade aluminum frame is finished in an extremely tough matte-black hardcoat-anodized stealthy finish. The trigger and transfer bar have a natural stainless steel finish. Black Zytel grips complete the Onyx's covert package.
Platinum Edition
The Platinum is for those of us that want to possess a showpiece firearm that likes to be shot a lot and still looks great afterward. The Platinum Edition's aircraft-grade aluminum frame has a proprietary Nickel/Chrome Satin Sheen finish - a Boberg Arms exclusive that no other firearm manufacturer can offer. The trigger, transfer bar and all exposed parts are zirconia-finished natural stainless steel. Zytel grips in your choice of Black, Olive Green or Action Red complement the Platinum's sleek lines.

The Boberg XR9-S Shorty was designed to duplicate the ballistics of the G26 "Baby Glock" in a much smaller form factor.

At left you can see the size difference between the Boberg XR9-S Shorty and the Glock 26.

  • The XR9-S Shorty is a fraction of the size of the G26.
  • The XR9-S Shorty delivers the same amount of stopping power as the G26 because it has a similar-length internal barrel and is able to shoot high-pressure 9mm+P ammunition, just as the Glock can.

The Boberg XR9-S Shorty delivers G26 power in a gun the same size as the smallest pocket pistols such as the Rohrbaugh R9/R9s and the Ruger LCP.

This overlay shows the Boberg XR9-S compared in size to the Rohrbaugh R9/R9s.  The Rohrbaugh has a reputation of being the "smallest of the small" in 9mm.

  • The Boberg XR9-S is a different class of pistol, not because of the Boberg's overall smaller size, but because of its much longer internal barrel and ability to safely and routinely fire 9mm+P ammunition (which Rohrbaugh does not advise for its pistols).
  • These engineering differences result in a dramatic increase in muzzle energy of the Boberg XR9-S over Rohrbaugh 9mm pistols.


This overlay shows the Boberg XR9-S 9mm+P compared in size to the Ruger LCP .380 ACP.

  • The XR9-S 9mm+P delivers more than double the muzzle energy (up to 499 ft-lbs of energy) than that of the LCP's much weaker .380 ACP cartridge.
  • Because of vast difference in stopping power, these two pistols should really only be compared in size.
  • While the XR9-S is slightly smaller in length than the LCP, it will be heavier, slightly thicker and taller due to the larger and more powerful 9mm+P ammunition it fires.

The Boberg XR9-S Shorty gives you incredible accuracy in such a small package.  In the hands of a practiced shooter, you can expect 15-Yard groups as good or better than the ones below.


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