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Great News For Canadian Fans - We Now Have A Canadian Distributor!

Boberg Arms Corporation is proud to announce that it has signed up its first distributor to Canada, Wanstalls, out of British Columbia. We are looking forward to our new venture with our friends to the north!

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I hope this goes viral.

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Calling all XR9 Owners: Would you be willing to endorse us?

We've created a new Testimonials page to highlight comments from enthusiastic XR9 owners.  

Would you be willing to submit some positive comments on the "Endorse Us!" main menu tab above that we can share with others on the Testimonials page?

Thanks for considering it!

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It's Official - We Have a Booth At SHOT 2013!

Just reserved it today.  We will probably be displaying several models of XR9-S, XR9-L, and possibly a mock-up of the XR45 ACP/Super pocket pistol.  Our booth number will be posted as soon as we get it.

If some of you are able to go, I look forward to putting some faces to your names!

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Pre-order list is done - Webstore is live!

Update: all invitations have been sent out through November 2nd.  The list is still active for people to sign up - we will send out any remaining invitations just before we open up our firearms page.

Our firearms page of our webstore will be open to the public probably by Wednesday, Nov 7th 2012 (at that point, the list will be closed, and won't re-open until we have a working XR45 pistol and production plan in place - about a year out).

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Ran over the XR9-S with my car

I had to find out how strong this gun is.  A friend of mine told me about the "factory tour propaganda film" at Glock, where a tank runs over the Glock, impressing it in the mud, and a soldier plucks it out and fires it.  I did something a little different.  I put our "drop test gun" in a plastic bag, and then in a cloth shot bag (to minimize abrasions) and put it under the left front car tire (my car is front wheel drive and weighs about 3500 lbs). On my concrete driveway,  I backed over…


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The List

I just sent out another 118 invitations, and deleted that many names from the published list.  If you think you have been missed, please contact me directly at  We've had a lot of people contact us about suddenly not being on the list.  I'm guessing our invitations are either going into your spam folders or they just simply get bounced by your ISP.   I'm thinking that next time I send out an invitation, I may just post a date on the list that I have gotten to, and not…


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One of our Holster Makers in the News

Dennis Badurina, of Dragon Leatherworks is featured in this TV report.  Look for the XR9-S replica at about the 1-minute mark.

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New Muzzle Energy Milestones for the Shorty

With our new production barrels, I have tested some Underwood 115 gr GDHP +P+ ammunition with a few different length barrels.  Recoil was starting to get "sharp" but still not as bad as shooting standard pressure ammo in other pocket pistols. Muzzle flip was more than usual. The sound coming out of the muzzle was like a very loud, "TOCK!"

5.2" barrel: ave velocity 1518 ft/ sec.  Ave muzzle energy: 588 fpe

4.2" barrel: ave velocity 1479…


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Shell casings in the forehead

I was able to reproduce the problem of spent cases coming back in the forehead.  I had a rangemaster watching my shots so that we could chase down each shell casing after every shot.  We started looking at witness marks on the case to narrow down which impact surfaces in the ejection port caused the case to take more of a rearward trajectory.  As it turned out, the lower ledge of the ejection port hits the case upwardly while the gun is recoiling upward.  This only occurs during…


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T-Shirt and Cap Artwork Ideas

My VP took charge of tee shirts and caps and has submitted this artwork.  Any comments and feedback will be helpful.…


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Aluminum-cased ammo test

Since aluminum-cased ammo has no crimp, it has been de-rated for use in XR9 pistols.  Rearward acceleration will separate this ammo.  With the current XR9-S pistol, 3 out of 5 rounds will feed successfully without the bullet coming out of the case.  I store this kind of ammo because I always want to try out new design changes to see if I can feed this stuff.  Just this morning I was testing an XR9-L barrel (4.2" long) from a sample of our new barrel stock.  The bore is tighter than the last…


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Difficulty Removing Magazine

A customer call in today and said he could not remove the magazine of his XR9-S.  It was topped off with 7 rounds of ammo.  Apparently, he had gotten a new holster, causing the slide to move back slightly, meaning the tongs had pulled the cartridge back slightly from the magazine.  Since we have .020" overtravel space for our tongs to snap over a cartridge case, the round is pushed by the bolt .020" short of being fully seated in the magazine.  This will not affect the function of the…


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Building the XR45 Shorty (ACP, +P, Super)

I've decided to dedicate a blog post for the development of the XR45-Shorty.  As I work through the various stages, I will keep my camera handy so I can capture what it is I am actually doing to bring this new pistol to life.  That way you can share in the experience and offer any input or suggestions along the way.  In the past, I've read publications like "Home Shop Machinist" and wondered where these guys got the time and energy to record every step of their project and write an article…


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Video from last fall

My son dipped his IPOD briefly due to the unexpected report from the Cor-Bon +P ammo.

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Factory Tour 1/30/2012

We have scheduled a factory tour of the Boberg Arms facility on Monday, the 30th of January for those who are interested.  Tour starts at 4:30 PM.  I would like an email if you are coming so we can know how many to plan for.

my email is:

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XR9-S now $995 - introductory price period has ended

Now that we have a clearer picture of the time and materials cost involved in producing a semi-custom pistol of the highest quality, we have decided to increase our price on all current orders to $995.

Click here to see our current pistol offerings and prices.

It has always been our goal to bring you the finest 9mm+P pocket pistol in the world at a price point below $1,000…


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Pre-order Queue

The part of the pre-order queue that is no longer published is the part where orders have been already processed.  This saves us time in people calling and emailing us about making sure their orders are in exactly the right order of inquiry timestamp, which, so far, I feel we have been successful in maintaining.  For those whose orders are in process, we are communicating directly with them.

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Notice - Firing Pin Safety Springs

In batches #2 and #3 there is a possibility that your firing pin safety spring is too strong and may prevent the slide from going into battery or the hammer from dropping.  That is because the extra-strong Tong spring may be in there by mistake.  We are going to send out a spring kit with hex key (and instructions) so that you can drop the correct spring under the rear sight.  I apologize for any inconvenience.  If anyone prefers, you can remove the slide assembly and send it back to us and…


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Boberg Patent Issued Nov. 22, 2011

Here it is:

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