I am embarking on a quest to find, or even create, a set of grips for my new 45-S. I'm sure Arne has done a great job finding a grip size and shape that is the optimum compromise to fit the needs of the gun and the hands of a wide variety of users. My hand however, would get a better grip if the arched section on the rear of the grip were less pronounced/protruding. The flat mainspring housing on a 1911 also fits my hand much better than the arched version that most seem to prefer. Has anyone found an outside manufacturer that makes grip panels for the 45-S?

I did find a company (Talon Grips) that makes what looks like a textured wrap around sleeve for both the 9mm and the 45-S.


I may want to try that as a cosmetic solution after I try shaving a set of grips into a shape that better fits my hand. Has anyone tried these or know of any alternative grips that are available? I think we all benefit from sharing knowledge regarding the expanding universe of accessories to fit our Bobergs--the Boberg ecosystem as it were.

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