Boberg XR9-S Review, Field Strip, and Range Test - Impressive!

Full Disclosure - Since the original posting of this video, I've become a Boberg Dealer. I believe!

The Mighty Boberg XR9-S "Shorty" pistol. Most self defense, sub-compact, 9mm pistols are not very comfortable to shoot and can be difficult to be accurate with. They also give away a lot in ballistic performance because of the shorter barrel required to keep a pistol small enough for comfortable concealed carry.

Enter the Boberg Arms XR9-S "Shorty". Chambered in 9mm this single stack, 7+1, pistol is only 5" long but sports a 3.34" barrel. Compare that to a Glock 26 that is nearly 6.5" long with a 3.42" barrel. Do you want the ballistic energy of a Glock 26 in a smaller, lighter and totally shootable package? You've found it!

Size for size the XR9-S is 25% more powerful. The XR9-L while only an inch longer has the same ballistic performance as a full size Sig Sauer P226. The designer of this pistol has created a truly revolutionary "reverse feed" system that makes all of this possible.

This is the softest shooting sub compact 9mm pistol, with the silkiest smooth DA trigger I've ever had the pleasure of testing. The fit and finish is impeccable and the T&E gun I was provided was made from factory second parts!

Minnesota based Boberg Arms has a reputation for incredible customer service and has gone out of their way to support "early adopters" on the design during it's initial phases of production back in 2011 & early 2012. Even with all factory second parts, this pistol performed flawlessly in our testing. It's a robust design that's ready for "the show".

I'm a believer!

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