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folks... i am locking down the site for the time being. if we can get a  registration approval system set up, i will bring the pages back…

Started by Mark Dante in Boberg XR9-S "Shorty" (In Production)Latest Reply


hi folks... ya might notice that as soon as you register, you get booted... want to continue using the forums? send me a private message,…

Started by Mark Dante in Boberg XR45-S "Shorty" (In Production)Latest Reply

things NOT TO DO with your XR

hi folks... wanted to drop a list here of things NOT TO DO with your XR series pistols... unless you really want to supply me with spare p…

Started by Mark Dante in Boberg XR9-S "Shorty" (In Production)Latest Reply

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Boberg XR45-S "Shorty" (In Production)

Discuss the miniature XR45-S (roughly the size of a Kahr P380): 45 ACP / 45 ACP+P / 45 Super, Length: 5.73", Barrel: 3.75", Height: 4.19”, Width: 1.08”, Capacity: 6+1

362 Mar 5
Reply by Art Courville

Boberg XR9-S "Shorty" (In Production)

Discuss the miniature XR9-S (roughly the size of a Kahr P380): 9mm / 9mm+P, Length: 5.1", Barrel: 3.3", Height: 4.2”, Width: 0.96”, Capacity: 7+1

324 Jul 19, 2017
Reply by alternety

Boberg XR9-L "Full-Size" (In Production)

Discuss the full-sized XR9-L (roughly the size of a Kahr P9): 9mm / 9mm+P, Length: 5.8”, Barrel: 4.2", Height: 4.2”, Width: 0.96”, Capacity: 7+1

54 Mar 4
Reply by Mollie

Boberg CDH-15 (In Production)

The CDH-15 ("Cold Dead Hands 15") is our premier AR-15 lower receiver assembly. Precision machined from high-strength billet (not forged or cast) 7075 T6 Aluminum - giving you the best quality, stability and style of any lower receiver on the market.

8 Apr 8, 2016
Reply by Brian Hunt

Boberg XR9-µ "Micro" & XR9-M "Mid-Size" (Possible Models)

Discuss the miniaturized XR9-µ (roughly the size of a Kel-Tec P38T): 9mm / 9mm+P, Length: 5.1", Barrel: 3.35", Height: 3.9”, Width: 0.96” , Capacity: 6+1; and the mid-sized XR9-M (roughly the size of a Kahr PM9): 9mm/ 9mm+P, Length: 5.35”, Barrel: 3.75", Height: 4.2”, Width: 0.96”, Capacity: 7+1

7 Jan 4, 2016
Reply by Bruce

Boberg Bragging Corner

Post your reviews, photos, and range reports! Best stories, photos and videos will be added to the Boberg Facebook Page at www.facebook.com/bobergarms!

86 Jun 15, 2017
Reply by Brian Hunt


Discuss your ammunition opinions / questions: XR9 compatibility, favorite round, chrono/ballistics results, etc.

62 Jun 29, 2017
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by alka yadav

Care & Cleaning

Discuss your cleaning and maintenance opinions / questions: assembly, solvents/lubes, tools, etc.

29 No activity yet

Boberg Holsters, Accessories & Apparel

Discuss currently available holsters, accessories, apparel, etc.

101 Jul 13, 2016
Reply by Mark Dante

Boberg Products Wish List

Discuss your ideas for future designs, options, accessories, etc.

94 Apr 11, 2017
Reply by Lê Minh Đức

Boberg Orders, Parts & Service

Discuss order, parts and product service questions / issues.

83 Jul 7, 2017
Reply by Vern

Non-Boberg Firearms

Discuss firearms not made by Boberg Arms: pistols, rifles, military... your choice!

71 Mar 23
Reply by GONRA;

Anything But Firearms

Discuss topics not related to firearms: politics, religion, sports... your choice!

45 No activity yet

Member Classifieds

DISCLAIMER: BobergArms.com provides this "Member Classifieds" forum solely for the convenience of its users, DOES NOT become involved in transactions between parties conducted in this forum, and DOES NOT endorse, certify, investigate, or in any way guarantee the authenticity/accuracy of posted classifieds and/or the legal capacity of any party to transact. Boberg Arms EXPRESSLY DISCLAIMS liability for any damages (personal, property, or otherwise) related to these transactions. Boberg Arms reminds you that is is YOUR responsibility to ensure you are transacting in accordance to Local, State and Federal law, to use common sense when making transactions (caveat emptor!), and to use firearms in a safe and responsible manner.

119 Jun 26, 2017
Reply by Vern



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