I have the 45 and a number of us have reported live round ejections. I believe that this happens with the 9's also. My live round ejections are of the type where after a round is fired, the empty brass is ejected, a new round is successfully loaded in the chamber, and an additional live round is usually ejected clear, but occasionally stovepipes, preventing the slide from closing on the already chambered new round. I'm using Winchester white box 230 FMJ. I have not noticed any consistent pattern of this happening early or late in the mag stack.

Does anybody have any insights into the cause or cure for this problem? My best guess is that there is enough friction between the top two rounds in the mag that as the tongs strip the top round backward, the friction drags the next round down right back with it.. If that is the problem, the only solution that comes to mind would be lubing each round before loading. Anybody have any thoughts on this problem? Has anybody ever had a conversation with or a repair done by the factory for this problem?

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Mark, thanks for joining the discussion and letting us know the explanation and solution to the problem. My 9 and 45 both have the problem. Another forum member reported that Bond replaced his insert block and fixed the problem, but Bond has not responded to my query about it. I hope they will be able to fix this for all of us, now that the solution is known.

On "which round", in my case I haven't kept close track of that.  But thinking back about it, I'm 90% sure that it has rarely, if ever, been the last round that gets ejected.  Or, for that matter, not fed at all (left in the magazine) -- those too weren't the last round, at least not usually.

hi folks...

the live round ejected will ALWAYS be the round after the last one you discharged successfully.

the system will come to a dead stop immediately after chucking the live round out. it will not allow you to pound off any more rounds.

if your gun live round ejects the second round in your mag. it will not allow you to fire off the third round without racking the slide!

I''m pretty sure I have had at least two instances where a round ejected and I fire at least one round afterwards. I don't understand how that could happen, but apparently a round gets properly chambered at the same time. On one of the occasions, a round hit me in the head and I fired afterwards.

I'm with Art on this one. I had at least one case where I fired, the empty brass was ejected, along with a live round, and a new round was chambered. I can be sure of this because the ejected live round stove piped, and that is the only reason the newly chambered round was not fired with the next trigger pull. I was left with a live round partially chambered and a live round caught vertically by just the rim.

there must have been some kind of confusion... the way the system works, that is impossible.

the tongs that strip the round out of the magazine can only pull one round out of the mag at any given stroke.

in order for an empty case to be ejected, a live round stovepipe and ANOTHER live round to partially feed, the tongs would have to extract a live round, attempt (and fail)  to feed it into the fixed extractors, AND strip ANOTHER live round out of the magazine (after it stripped the initial live round) WITHOUT the slide moving another full cycle.

it cant happen

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